When one of the ministry students at St. Anselms college is found dead, the death is considered an accident. His father, wealthy industrialist Sir Alfred Treves is not content with the verdict and wants it investigated and he wants Commander Adam Dalgleish to do the investigating. Although he considers it a waste of time, Adam spent part of his boyhood at St. Anselms and is glad to return.

But upon his arrival, Adam discovers the person he most wants to interview, the woman who discovered the body, has died. This death does not deter him and he continues his investigation. However, his arrival seems to spark a series of disappearances and deaths and he soon finds himself investigating the murder of a very unlikable man.

A P.D. James novel is always a cause for celebration and DEATH IN HOLY ORDERS is a champagne read. Unsurpassed at creating character, setting, and drama, this stellar story shows Baroness James at the top of her craft. (Available Now, 415 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg