Image of Death by Pantyhose (Jaine Austen Mysteries)


Image of Death by Pantyhose (Jaine Austen Mysteries)

Levine keeps it light with another enjoyable Jaine Austen comic mystery. There are all the usual high jinks -- a lemon of
a car rental, a bad dye job, tacky gifts from her parents -- to chuckle over, and the mystery is serviceable and traditional, with plenty of red herrings for readers to puzzle over.

Freelance writer Jaine desperately needs a job, but her only opportunity is punching up the act of struggling comedian Dorcas. It's more like a feminist diatribe, and her big punchline involves cutting up pantyhose and throwing them at the audience. But the joke's on Dorcas when rival comic Vic turns up strangled, with her prop around his neck -- and she's caught leaning over his corpse with the hosiery in hand. Did she mention that Vic just happens to be her ex-husband?

Luckily, with her only client in prison, Jaine has a lot of time on her hands, so she takes on the case, only to discover that plenty of folks wanted to kill slimy Vic. Could the killer be his jilted girlfriend, his former manager, the psycho barmaid he was sleeping with or someone else entirely? (KENSINGTON, Jun., 256 pp., $22.00)
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Tara Gelsomino