It was only a matter of time before Jeremiah Addison, the wealthy owner of private island estate Golden Silk, was murdered. Although it seems like his death was an accident, his sister-in-law, Britt Barlow, knows this is not the case.

Britt invites back everyone—family members, employees and friends—who were present during Jeremiah's last day to try to find out what really happened to him. When she realizes that she's in over her head, she hires sleuth Max Darling. Max and his wife, Annie, have uncovered far tougher crimes in the past, and there is no way Annie is missing out on this caper. Unfortunately for Max and Annie, they are up against a killer dead set against being revealed, and it could cost many people their lives.

This is the quintessential cozy. The plotting is excellent and the characters are vividly written, although readers might miss the setting of Annie's mystery bookstore. Annie and Max are as lovable as ever. After 15 books in the series, Hart still manages to make each one unique and engaging. (Apr., 293 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Robyn Glazer