Irrepressible Irish immigrant Molly Murphy is back and better than ever after
surviving hair-raising adventures in her debut, Murphy's Law!

Molly still loves her adopted home of New York City, but she's low on funds
and frustrated by her job choices—she just knows she's not cut out
to be a servant or companion to a wealthy snob. Ever bold, Molly decides to
apprentice herself to private detective Paddy Riley—a job that's quite
unsuitable for a woman in 1901 New York! When her reluctant but kindly employer
is murdered, Molly makes herself "junior partner" in the firm and
vows to find his killer. Molly's been keeping company with handsome NYPD
detective Daniel Sullivan, but he doesn't hold much hope of finding the
murderer, and also doesn't approve of her new career. Molly's determined,
however, and follows
a trail leading to bohemians in Greenwich Village and eventually, to the big
Pan American Exhibition in Buffalo. She doesn't realize, however, that
a fanatical group of anarchists are planning a deadly surprise at the Exhibition,
and it just may be the last sight she'll ever see...

Ms. Bowen, also the author of the delightfully cozy Constable Evan Evans series,
is in fine form here—witty, feisty Molly is loads of fun to spend time
with! As always, the setting is richly drawn and highly evocative, the plot
taut, with a baffling mystery, and there's just enough romance to round
things out nicely. I'm looking forward to a long acquaintance with Miss
Molly Murphy! (Dec., 320 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Laurie Davie