When the obnoxious and arrogant Lady Wrayburn is poisoned, few mourn her demise. However, suspicion falls on Lady Wrayburns much put-upon companion, Rebecca Ashton, whom Frederica, Duchess of York, recommended for the position.

Freddie knows Becca is innocent and asks her good friend George Beau Brummell to clear her name. George will do anything for Freddie, so he sets outwith his usual high style and exquisite good tasteto solve the crime.

The case is baffling, though, and soon, George must solve the crime not only to save Becca, but to prevent his own social downfallhes staked his good name on her innocence. If he fails, the beau monde will never take him seriously again!

DEATH ON A SILVER TRAY is a delightful book that will thrill mystery lovers and Regency fans equally. This is a solid, classic mystery, well-clued and guaranteed to keep readers guessing. (May, 288 pp., $6.50 —Hardcover published May 2000)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg