Image of Death Walked In (Death on Demand Mysteries, No. 18)


Image of Death Walked In (Death on Demand Mysteries, No. 18)

Hart's Death on Demand series continues steady and strong. The latest installment involves a million-dollar coin theft and a family full of secrets. Hart does a great job developing the mystery and providing various motives and suspects. Max and Annie Darling are a dynamic crime-solving duo whose individual strengths work well for them, and their mutual admiration for each other warms even a cynical heart.

Tourism is slow, but crime runs rampant in South Carolina's island community of Broward's Rock. First a coin collection valued at $2 million is stolen from Geoffrey Grant's estate, where his family is gathered to celebrate his birthday. Next, Max purposely misses a call from a frantic woman, which is later intercepted by Annie. Annie hears the message and rushes to her house, where she finds the woman dying.

Later, she learns the woman hid something in the house that Annie and Max are currently restoring. Is it the coins? Did the woman steal them, or is she covering for someone else? Can Annie and Max find the truth and the coins before a killer finds them? (MORROW, Apr., 304 pp., $23.95)
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Sandra Martin