Image of Death's Daughter (A Calliope Reaper-Jones Novel)


Image of Death's Daughter (A Calliope Reaper-Jones Novel)

Multitalented doesn't begin to cover the gifts of former Buffy TV alumna Benson.
Her quirky, cranky and humorous heroine leads readers on a wacky first-person adventure through hell. Great supporting characters and wild antics keep the pace brisk and the humor flowing.

Trying to forge a career in fashion is tough, but it's got nothing on Calliope Reaper-Jones' family business. Callie's father is the CEO of a conglomerate -- and Death himself. Callie wants nothing to do with Death Inc., but she has little choice when she learns that her father has been kidnapped. To save her family, a reluctant Callie must complete three tasks in hell and become the new Death. Unfortunately, she's not the only contender. The devil's handsome protege also wants the job.

(ACE, Mar., 368 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith