Image of Death's Door


Image of Death's Door

The talented Sawyer is back doing what she does best -- giving readers plenty of passion and peril! The heroine of this tale is suddenly thrust into a world filled with secrets, murder and identity theft. The crisp pace keeps the protagonists scrambling for answers in this taut thriller. If you like your suspense intriguing and your sexual tension high, look no further!

Madison Connelly's world has already been shaken by her recent divorce and her ex-husband's plans for their business. When she makes the horrifying discovery that her best friend, Erin, has been murdered, only the presence of Miami detective Paul Tanner stabilizes her.

On medical leave, Paul has been helping his father's P.I. business by tracking down individuals who may have a connection to billionaire Wyatt Holbrook. At first Madison has no interest in either Paul or meeting Holbrook, but as danger begins to stalk her, she changes her mind. Why was Erin killed, and does the murderer have his sights on Madison? Paul and Madison will have to unlock the clues and secrets that have a killer stalking Madison. (HQN, May, 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith