Owen Deathstalker returned from the dead to stop the destructive force known as the Terror, which threatens to destroy the galaxy. He's unprepared for the shocking truth, however, that his lost love Hazel d'Ark is the Terror. As he sets off on a quest to prevent her horrific transformation, Owen's descendent, Lewis Deathstalker, assumes command of an imperial fleet and leads the rebellion against the empire's usurper, Finn Durandal. Once Finn's closest friend, Lewis discovers Finn has ordered his family massacred.

The Deathstalker family legacy and the battle for the throne are reminiscent of high fantasy, and the wisecracking heroes and villains would feel at home in a Hollywood action-adventure blockbuster. Green has created an amazing universe that stretches light years into the far future.

As Owen's quest resonates with desperate emotion, the practical, sarcastic Lewis and his bizarre quartet of companions take on near-mythic qualities in a rewarding payoff. Deathstalker Coda provides a very satisfying conclusion to a highly enjoyable series. (Feb., 400 pp., $23.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jen Talley Exum