Archimedes St. Ives, the Viscount Tyverne, arrives at the home of Delia Croft determined to provide for the family of the man who died while saving his life. According to the letters in the dead man's saddle bags, his sister, Miss Croft, is expecting a baby out of wedlock and Ty is determined to marry her and repay the life debt. Unfortunately, the facts of the matter are more muddled than Ty is able to determine at first glance, and Miss Croft is oddly determined to refuse his suit. A mad jumble of family obligations and her instant attraction to the dashing Viscount leave Delia confused about what she truly wants for herself. Barbara Metzger's A DEBT TO DELIA (4) is delightfully heartwarming, offering charming romantic scenarios and wildly eccentric antics on the part of Miss Croft's relations and friends—not all of whom are human! (May, 213 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Teresa Roebuck