A DEBT PAID IN PASSION (4.5) by Dani Collins: Raoul Zesiger doesn’t trust his treacherous former PA, a lesson he learned when she was caught embezzling money. But this once trusted associate is now the mother of his child, and his sense of duty is as strong as his never-ending desire for her. Sirena Abbott fully intended to pay her debt to Raoul, but the morning after their surrender to passion, she was arrested, pregnant and at his mercy, with no one else to turn to and no turning back. Collins’ deception-to-love story with repercussions is calamitous and unconventional, but the realism in her narrative is palpable and heartbreakingly tragic. Her dialogue combines repartee, innuendo and biting commentary, while her couple is honest in their emotions and actions.

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt