Image of The Debutante (Fortunes of Texas: Reunion)


Image of The Debutante (Fortunes of Texas: Reunion)

Party girl Lanie Meyers gets more than she bargained for when she ends up alone with rancher Miles Fortune, one of the famous local triplets, at a fund-raiser for her father's re-election campaign. Photographed by paparazzi in a seemingly compromising position, the two are splashed all over the papers-- and Lanie's father, Governor Meyers, is furious. He insists that Miles pretend to be engaged to Lanie until the fuss dies down. Miles agrees, for Lanie's sake ... and soon, fiction becomes fact! The pace of Elizabeth Bevarly's The Debutante (2) is slowed by big blocks of introspection, and though they're attractive and occasionally funny, the characters just aren't interesting. There is a party scene worthy of the old TV series Dallas, however, which some readers might appreciate.

Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer