A former royal, Ally Danner survived a youthful rebellion, when she became involved with the owner of a New Orleans gentlemen's club known for unsavory sexual activities. Now she's trying to get into Club Casablanca, where she believes her younger sister is being held. She calls on Sam Sinclair for help, believing he's an investigator, but he's really an agent with the Treasury Department. He agrees so that she can help him find a secret room while they rescue her sister. Hot, with snappy dialogue, an exotic setting and a light ghost subplot, Decadent (3), by Suzanne Forster, is a fun read, but the plot is strained and mainly a series of sex scenes. Ally's background isn't convincing, and it's impossible to believe an agent would involve a civilian in a sting without permission from superiors.
Reviewed by: 
Page Traynor