The incomparable Henley captures the aura of the Georgian era. Infamous personages, bawdy parties, duels, politics and passion all make this novel a standout. Readers craving the perfect blend of historical backdrop and romance will adore every page of
this remarkable love story.

The Scots Duchess of Gordon marries off all her daughters to dukes. That's why her youngest, Lady Georgiana, must wed the notoriously decadent Francis, the Duke of Bedford. It doesn't matter that he has mistresses and illegitimate children all over England, or that Georgiana isn't attracted to him.

Then Georgiana falls in love with the duke's younger brother, John Russell, whose wife is dying. But it isn't until she dies and Francis pushes his suit too hard by attacking Georgiana that scandal erupts. Then a strange twist of fate gives John and Georgiana a chance at a happy ending. (Signet, Nov., 416 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin