Image of Decadent Master (Masters of Desire, Book 2)


Image of Decadent Master (Masters of Desire, Book 2)

Book two in Taylor's Masters of
Desire series will disappointment
readers looking for a vampire-centric story. While the few bondage and
SandM scenes are steamy, they can't overcome an absence of plot and
lackluster characters.

Wynne is convinced to try the bondage and S and M club Twilight after her fiance dumps her. She's introduced into this sensual world by sexy vampires Rolf and Zane. But Rolf's brother and fellow vamp Dierk is the man who makes her hot with just a look.

Dierk, who temporarily serves as the club's manager, is instantly captivated by Wynne. He knows he's in trouble when he wants her to be more than just an occasional sexual partner and can't stand to see her with other doms. Their connection, both sexual and emotional, forces him to defy his king to be with her. (APHRODISIA, Mar., 256 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
M.H. Morrison