Image of To Deceive a Duke


Image of To Deceive a Duke

The Muses of Mayfair leave England
for an exotic Italian island where adventure, danger and love await. Once again McCabe illuminates the Regency's fascination with all things ancient, never letting the historical backdrop upstage the romance, but
she doesn't probe deeply enough into her characters' motivations.

Leaving her secret identity as the Lily Thief behind, Clio Chase settles into a small farmhouse intending to live quietly, until she learns of a curse on her land and the arrival of her nemesis, the Duke of Averton. Their love/hate relationship is one reason she came to Italy. So why does she always end up in his arms, yearning for his kiss?

The duke knows Clio's secret and admires her for it. He has followed her in order to protect her from being caught up in antiquities thefts. But by trying to keep Clio out of danger he draws them into greater peril. Yet the gravest threat comes from the passion that sizzles between them. (HARLEQUIN, May, 295 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin