Image of December's Thorn: A Fever Devilin Novel


Image of December's Thorn: A Fever Devilin Novel

DePoy draws heavily from the tale of Tristan and Isolde in his continuation of the Fever Devilin series. He toys with the sanity of the players until the reader isn’t quite sure which of them has all their faculties. Masterfully drawn characters and a well-developed theme make this enjoyable reading. The brooding atmosphere sets the stage for a thrilling experience.

Fever is startled when a wraithlike woman appears at his doorstep claiming to be his wife and intimating they have a son. She runs away before his fiancée, Lucinda, sees her. As he’s still recovering from a near-death situation that put him in a coma for three months, his friends fear he only imagined the woman. When gunshots fly through his window, they realize something is amiss. His friend, Sheriff Skidmore, launches a search for the woman and the boy they saw firing the gun. (MINOTAUR, Jan., 304 pp., $25.99)
Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown