When Isabel Millington uncovers her uncle's role in her father's death, she flees her home, hoping to find a way to raise the money to ransom her brother back from Spanish kidnappers. She's fortunate to find a position as companion to Fox Tremayne's sister.

Known as Traitor Tremayne after being drummed out of the corps in India, Fox has made a fortune deceiving rich, greedy men as part of his scheme to ruin those responsible for his disgrace.

A confidence man as sharp as Fox isn't sure if Isabel is to be trusted. Drawn into the Tremaynes' lives, Isabel begins to have her own suspicions about Fox. She knows a man as kind, gentle, intelligent and loving cannot be a traitor. But she wonders just what he does in London and how he's connected to her uncle.

Utilizing classic gothic elements -- a suspicious hero, dark secrets, a house in a swamp, questionable servants and vile villains -- Wilhelm creates an updated suspense/romance that would make Victoria Holt proud. With an equal measure of romance and danger and a cast of memorable characters, this book is a winner. SENSUAL (Dec., 340 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin