As in Willig's previous novels, modern-day Eloise Kelly and Colin Selwick continue their investigations of great mysteries and British intelligence agents of the past. They've already uncovered the identity of the Pink Carnation and the Black Tulip; now it's time to unmask the leader of the Emerald Ring. Willig brilliantly engages the reader in the relationships of her characters, past and
present, blending fascinating history
with adventure and romance. Her books delight, impart knowledge and captivate.

Researching the history of some famous spies, Colin and Eloise lift their noses from their work long enough to realize that something's going on between them. That's nothing compared to the historical events they uncover. As the tension between France and England rise and Napoleon offers support to a band of Irish insurgents, the notorious Black Tulip spy arrives in Ireland, where the Pink Carnation, Britain's deadly spy, is attempting to stop the uprising.

Meanwhile, in London, Letty Alsworthy tries to stop her sister, Mary, from eloping with Geoffrey Pinchingdale–Snipe. But after Letty is compromised, it is she who must marry Geoffrey, who disappears after the ceremony because he's rushing off to complete a mission for the Carna- tion. Not one to be shoved aside, Letty follows to fight for, and with, her husband. (Dutton, Nov., 360 pp., $21.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin