Image of Deception's Web (The Deizian Empire) (Volume 3)


Image of Deception's Web (The Deizian Empire) (Volume 3)

The third installment in McHugh’s Deizian Empire series picks up a few months after the second, following former Captain of the Legion, Galerius, in his quest for redemption. Claudia is on her own path to redemption, and when the two meet, sparks fly instantly. McHugh has found her rhythm, relying less on sex to build a relationship, and more on character development. With this improvement in skill, this is one author readers will want to keep an eye on!

Galerius is a man who has fallen from his path, but he’s been given a chance to redeem his honor. As he seeks to solve the mystery of the failing barrier that protects the Deizian empire, Galerius is brought directly into the path of Claudia. Claudia is no longer willing to be dirtied by her scheming father’s political machinations, and she’s on her own mission of personal redemption. For each to succeed they will have to trust their overwhelming passions and each other — or else they and the empire shall fall. (CRISTAMCHUGH.COM, Dec., 280 pp., $9.99)
Reviewed by: 
Trent Hart