Forgiveness is a gift,? Rose says to the man she loves. ?You can?t earn it. It?s a gift, whether it?s mine to you or God?s to you.? Yet Rose Martin can?t forgive herself. A home care nurse and EMT, she funnels that guilt into her health care service, hoping to perhaps prevent a tragedy like the one which claimed the lives of her loved ones.

Despite what his feisty friend claims, Amish Jake Zook is not convinced that God?s grace has no strings attached. He?s grown up believing a person has to earn God?s favor. Recently paralyzed, Jake wrestles with his belief that he is only half of a man. He?s also afraid he can?t protect the woman he dares not love from the murderer stalking her.

Gayle Roper creates an engaging mystery filled with romance and tender spirituality. But The Decision also packs a powerful punch as her endearing characters come to terms with love and reconciliation. Set in Lancaster County, the author?s attention to detail shines in her portrayal of the Plain People. The Decision is one of the best novels I?ve reviewed to date. (Oct., 416 pp., $11.95)

Reviewed by: 
Roberta Blair