The sometimes painful and complex relationship between a mother and daughter is a central theme of author Meg O'Brien's stunning new suspense novel.Looking for a complex psychological thriller that delivers mesmerizing suspense? Look no further than the poignant A DEEP AND DREAMLESS SLEEP.

Attorney Naomi Wing has been haunted by guilt and loss over the tragic death of 17-year-old Beth Lambert. Unmarried and childless, Naomi found herself drawn to her vibrant young neighbor. Beth's strained relationship with her mother allowed the bond between Naomi and Beth to grow with each passing year.

It was no secret that the Lambert marriage was in trouble. At first Adam and Naomi's relationship was based on their love for Beth; but over time their passion for each other grew.

Naomi's relationship with her mother had been stormy and unpredictable. A full-blooded Wintu Indian, Katherine Wing was a deeply committed activist. That Naomi didn't share her mother's passion for the cause built a deep chasm between them, both in life and death.

Naomi is angered and dismayed when she is informed that her legal nemesis, Travis Hartmann, has been looking into Beth's death and suspects that a cover-up may be in effect. Everyone seems to be hiding secrets regarding that fateful day. Was Beth's death merely a tragic accident or something more?

(July, 303 pp, $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith