This food-centric story has all of the ingredients for a hot romance: take one bad boy celebrity chef, throw in a beautiful, not-so-naïve, object of his affection and the results are some very steamy kitchen scenes. However, what should be a boiling good time turns into a slow simmer when the hero's ego and rudeness get in the way. Add to this not one, but three suspense subplots and the romance gets a little lost. Yet, despite these issues, the author has a fun writing style that readers will appreciate. It will be interesting to see where Barrett takes the Star Harbor series from here.

World famous chef Sebastian Grayson is back in Star Harbor for a family reunion, but that's not to say he doesn't have time to chat up the local owner of the best restaurant in town. After all, it is no trouble to stare at the delicious Lexie Meyers as she dishes up some of her fantastic local specialties. But Lexie doesn't want anything to do with Sebastian. After escaping one abusive relationship, she is not looking for a man — especially not one as overpowering as Seb. But, as Lexie quickly finds out, it is very hard to say no to the sexy bad boy who looks like he wants to devour her like a yummy cake. (LOVESWEPT, dl., $2.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne