Treasure hunter Georgia McLain is desperate to get her hands on a dossier that contains information to clear her dead father's name.

Secret ops agent Harry "Rabbit" van Zandt needs to obtain that same information. Their paths cross less than coincidentally at a diner in Waco, Texas, where four people, including Georgia's younger brother Finn, are taken hostage.

The release of the hostages depends on Georgia and Harry's ability to bring the information they both seek back to treasure hunter and all-around bad guy Charlie Castro. Neither Georgia nor Harry reveal to the other their true intentions -- regarding their missions or their emotions -- and they embark on one whirlwind, tension-filled, long weekend.
Kent cleverly divides this novel into days rather than chapters, and the hourly countdown adds to the spy element. If the reader is not familiar with her previous stories, the number of characters introduced early on can be overwhelming, but the story recovers as the engaging plot develops. The love scenes -- including one that borders on erotic -- are electrically charged, and the book is satisfying from start to finish. (Apr., 320 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen