After years of mistaken loyalty to crime boss William Davis, Selena McCaffrey would like to start a law-abiding life with her new love, detective Tony Ceola. The FBI, however, has other ideas. They offer Selena a deal: If she pretends to take over the now-comatose Davis' empire and allows them to shut it down, Selena will be granted a full pardon and citizenship.

Tony wants Selena to take her
chances in court, but Selena accepts
the FBI offer, even though she knows
she's placing her life in jeopardy. Plus, she has something she needs from
them -- access to Davis' journals
to see if she can unravel the mystery
of her past. It now appears that rather than discovering Selena in Jamaica
all those years ago, William was
hunting for her.

Loyalties and love are put through
the ringer in this super-charged sequel to The Assassin. The fires that have sparked Selena make her one of the most interesting heroines around. Butler delivers gritty, in-your-face suspense that is heart-stopping! (Dec., 374 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith