Actress Madalyn Simon is weary of her artificial Hollywood life. So she chucks it all and moves to an isolated cabin in the Alaskan wilderness. Then, while whale watching, Madalyn and her younger sister are kidnapped by Vikings.

On a mission to the outside world, Otar Thordsson and his men have been inadvertently photographed by them. Otar takes the women captive, knowing it's the only way to keep the Vikings' presence a secret, other than killing them. When he discovers that Madalyn is an actress he's fantasized about for years, Otar is determined to claim her as his bride. Realizing that this is the only way to keep safe, Madalyn goes along with Otar's plans. She neither expects to fall in love with her captor nor accept a way of life beyond her wildest fantasies.

This wonderfully imaginative story is a joy to read, as long as you don't think too deeply about it. It's fun to watch the main characters interact, and their dealings with each other are quite enjoyable too. The secondary characters are nice diversions and don't detract from the main story. (Mar., 272 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley