Heather Lyons’s The Deep End of the Sea is a radiant, imaginative romance that breathes new life into popular mythology while successfully tackling the issue of sexual assault. Lyons is a deft storyteller whose engaging prose will surprise readers at every turn. Readers will have no trouble sympathizing with Medusa, who is funny, endearing and courageous all at once. The romance between her and Hermes is passionate, sweet and utterly engrossing. This is a must read!

After being sexually assaulted by Poseidon and cursed by Athena to live as a monster, Medusa has spent the last thousand years isolated on an island, trying desperately to find purpose and understanding. Her only reprieve from her lonely life is Hermes, one of her only friends and the only god she trusts — loves, even. When Hermes petitions the other gods to have Medusa’s curse lifted, she’ll embark on a whirlwind journey that, while riddled with danger, will lead to love, healing and acceptance. (CERULEAN BOOKS, dl., $3.99)

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DJ DeSmyter