The tragic death of her sister during the filming of her last movie caused film star Jenna Hughes to abandon her career and move her two daughters to an isolated farm in Oregon. Adjustment is hard for everyone, especially rebellious teenager Cassie.

When Sheriff Shane Carter discovers a woman's body in the woods, it's the first indication that something evil is afoot. Jenna is trying hard to leave Hollywood and all its issues behind her, so the receipt of a letter from an obsessed fan frightens her. At first Shane doesn't connect the murdered woman to Jenna and her scary fan, but slowly he starts to suspect that all this horrific drama is connected.

It is fitting that this petrifying thriller is set in the cold, harsh reality of winter. Atmospheric and chilling, this book is a terrifying read! The conclusion also sets up the story for Jackson's next sure-to-be-awesome tale of danger, romance and suspense. (Mar., 464 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith