Tora Anders, the vixen-ish stowaway who created such havoc, yet still managed to capture readers hearts, in Captains Bride, is finally about to learn what God plans for her lifebut not before she learns some hard lessons. This girl has a lot to learn before she can shine, and author Lisa Bergren pulls no punches when taking her heroine where few authors have dared to go. It isnt pretty, but the payoff for Toraand the readeris immense.

Elsa, Peder, Karl and Kaatje also return in DEEP HARBOR. Like Tora, they each have deep life experiences to deal with and learn from; each growing in their own unique and unexpected way.

Elsa must make some hard choices when tragedy strikes, and takes to the high seas amidst the constant threat of an old enemy. Karl has to deal with his inability to find peace and forgiveness, and Kaatje lives with the constant fear that Tora will come to claim the child Kaatje has come to love so deeply.

The saga of the Bergensers (those who left Norway for the America in book one) continues in this action-packed novel, which moves them from the East coast to Washington state and the Pacific Ocean, leaving readers breathless, but satisfiedand eagerly awaiting book three. (Mar., 384 pp., $10.95)

Reviewed by: 
Diane Johnson