Terror has become the watch word for Samantha Jean Carlyle's life. A successful and talented Hollywood casting agent, she seemed to have the world in her hand, until the day she became the hunted. It began with voice messages and disturbing letters, and while the threats continue to increase, Sam finds she is unable to convince either her bosses or the police that she is being stalked. The messages are indistinct and the notes were typed on her own typewriter. Her enemy is diabolically clever.

All alone in her terror, Sam remembers a childhood friend who promised he would always be there for her. But even if she can find him, will he come to her rescue? Texas Sheriff John Thomas Knight is stunned when he receives a distress call from his long-lost love Samantha Jean. Despite the time and distance, John Thomas doesn't hesitate and is on the first plane to L.A. Outraged at the treatment a terrified Sam has received from the local authorities, John angrily informs the lead detective that he is taking Sam back to Texas where he can protect her.

Sam's stalker is both clever and unrelenting, and soon it is evident that the evil has followed her from L.A.. Can John Thomas and Sam unmask this deadly menace before it is too late?

As usual, remarkable author Sharon Sala delivers a well-crafted and chilling page turner that makes for exhilarating reading. (Feb., 291 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith