Image of Deep Kiss of Winter (Immortals After Dark #8)


Image of Deep Kiss of Winter (Immortals After Dark #8)

This steamy duet is just delightful! Cole and Showalter join their formidable talents to create mythic worlds and hunky heroes and heroines you can't help but root for. Cole is at her best creating mythology, and Showalter's character building is flawless as always!

Cole's "Untouchable" follows the tempestuous love between vampire Murdoch and fey-valkyrie Daniela, who are unable to stand the other's touch. Will they be able to withstand temptation and survive an army of assassins?

In Showalter's "Tempt Me Eternally," shapeshifter Aleaha is taken prisoner by fisherman turned warlord Breean. But when his captive threatens his carefully organized existence, will Breean admit that sometimes the universe has its own plans?

(POCKET, Oct., 426 pp., $21.99)

Reviewed by: 
Whitney Kate Sullivan