Image of Deep Magic


Image of Deep Magic

Nash follows The Grail King with a
love story that completely envelops
the reader in a magical world. Skilled at merging reality and druid legend, she illuminates a dark age with fiery passions, political complexities and an enchanting story that sweeps you away to an enthralling world.

There's turmoil on Avalon. Roman soldiers are nearby, and one among them possesses enough magic to attempt to penetrate the mists of Avalon. As a daughter of the Lady, Gwendolyn guards her powers. She uses her ability to shapeshift from human to wolf to uncover the enemy that threatens her homeland. Gwen leaves the island and finds shelter with her friend Marcus and his family. Her visions enable Marcus to forge a sword made of the finest steel, a weapon called Excalibur.

But the molten metal is nothing compared to the heat between them. Marcus sees the wolf's gleam in her eyes, but nothing can stop their desire, and as Gwen is drawn into the realm of the deep magic, she and Marcus may be the only ones able to save Avalon. (Love Spell, Jan., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin