Orphaned on the frontier, Olivia St. Etienne wants to take control of her life, but her guardian wants to sell her to the man she secretly wishes to marry. Unwilling to be used and then discarded, Olivia flees, finding friends, enemies and adventure on the river.

Col. Samuel Sheridan Shelby is trying to make peace with the Osage, guardians of the mighty rivers and the gateway to the West. Though cynical and bitter, he believes his mission will ease memories of all his spy missions and the pain of an unhappy marriage.

Samuel has no desire to buy Olivia. But fate continually throws them together (they originally met in a D.C. ballroom) and their battle of wills rages as they make their way through Osage villages, down the Mississippi and in elegant, sensual New Orleans.

Known for her exciting, action-packed romances brimming with colorful, accurate historical detail, Shirl Henke turns her attention to a tale as majestic and powerful as the mighty Missouri River and wild frontier she writes about. DEEP AS THE RIVERS is for anyone who craves vicariously living out exhilarating adventures along with marvelous characters. Ms. Henke's spellbinding, fast-paced romance never skimps on the history or sizzling sensuality. Another wondrous read from this formidable storyteller. SENSUAL (March, 380 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin