Penny Francisco is very unhappy when ex-husband Deke decides to paint pink what used to be their home together. It doesn't help that it stands across the street from her health food store, The Charm Farm. Though Penny is working on accepting their divorce, she still gets upset every time she sees Deke's new girlfriend, Sheena, who decided on the house's pink paint job.

When she spies an attractive man having a heated argument with Sheena, Penny is sure that she is cheating on Deke. When Penny meets this same man and he turns out to be a private investigator--whom she, amazingly, is quite attracted to--she still has her suspicions about his relationship with Sheena. But it ends up being to him that she turns for help when a murder is committed and she is the prime suspect.

This book is quite humorous at times, and the mystery is well done. The intertwining of voodoo is quite intriguing, and the two main characters are wonderfully drawn. But some of the clichéd secondary characters could have been excluded with no loss to this story at all. (Oct., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley