Olivia Hopkins knows she must marry the elderly Earl of Salisbury to save her family from dire financial straits. But the night she finds an illustrated book of erotic drawings and meets the earl's roguish illegitimate son, her plan is shattered.

When Phillip Paxton finds Olivia poring over an erotica collection, he sees his opportunity to avenge himself against the father who abandoned him: He will seduce his father's bride-to-be with lessons in love. But what happens when he discovers he's fallen in love?

Holt knows the hidden longings of the heart and plays into them with this sexy, titillating love story. She offers three sizzling romances: the sensual young lovers, tender love between mature characters and a very sexy liaison. Add some suspense, abductions, a mad villain and an exciting climax and you have all you need in an erotic romance. SPICY (Mar., 376 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin