The very versatile Amanda Ashley (AKA Madeline Baker) does a wonderful job with this exciting, unusual twist on the vampire/alien myths. A fast-paced and fun-filled read!

Little Gail Crawford takes a desperate chance when she approaches stranger Alexander Claybourne. Gail's older sister Kara is dying from injuries received in an accident, and Gail figures that maybe the man the locals call a vampire can help.

Alexander is touched by Gail's plea that he help her sister. Gazing into Kara's face, Alexander tries a dramatic remedy and injects Kara with some of his own blood. The doctors are flabbergasted when the next day Kara snaps out of her coma and clearly begins to recover.

Kara thought she had dreamed the dark handsome man who stood so tenderly by her bedside, but when he returns, she is amazed by the feelings he invokes. Alexander and Kara's tentative relationship is rocked when Kara is forced into a hospital by Dr. Dale Barrett, who discovers an unusual antibody in her blood. Realizing that he has placed her in jeopardy, Alexander rescues Kara and takes her to a remote hideaway. There, he takes the dangerous step of telling Kara the startling truth. Alexander is not of this earth, and something about this planet makes him vulnerable to the sun while giving his blood healing powers.

Sensing a potential fortune, Dr. Barrett is not about to let them go. Unless they can find a way to stop him, he will pursue the couple to the ends of the earth.

(Aug., 448 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith