To try and save the life of his wife, Karen, and their unborn baby, T'ang Jian-Shan broke away from his father, T'ang Po, and the Shandian Tong. He knew T'ang Po would neither forgive him for his betrayal nor let Jian keep the legendary White Tiger Blades—once it was discovered that Jian had them.

Regrettably, Karen died soon after giving birth, redoubling Jian's determination to destroy his father's empire—knowing that T'ang Po will surface to get revenge on his son and reclaim custody of the blades.

Valence St. Charles is the curator of the New Orleans Museum of Arts and Antiquities. Desperate to get a close look at the White Tiger Blades, Valence flies to Paris and begins stalking the reclusive Jian. When she finally does get close, she inadvertently foils an assassination attempt. Knowing that Valence will now be a target, Jian refuses to let her leave. They strike an uneasy bargain; Valence agrees to stay in protective custody if she can examine the blades. A deadly net of treachery is tightening, but whose net and who will be the victim?

Jessica Hall (aka Gena Hale) comes out of the box with an amazing thriller that is exotic, passionate and exhilarating. Jian is one of the most mesmerizing and compelling heroes to come along, and the subtext of ancient weaponry is fascinating. THE DEEPEST EDGE is the first of a new trilogy that brings back characters from her earlier books written under the name Gena Hale. Do not miss this book! (Feb., 352 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith