Image of The Deepest Night (Sweetest Dark)


Image of The Deepest Night (Sweetest Dark)

The second installment in The Sweetest Dark series is fast, fun and full of surprises. Lora’s dragon powers are strengthening, as is her relationship with fellow dragon Armand. A solid story with great writing and humor in unexpected places.

Lora is still studying at a British boarding school, thanks to her benefactor who, once upon a time, attempted to murder her. Still recovering from a gunshot wound — and dealing with the loss of her first love, Jesse — Lora is playing it safe: turning into a dragon at night and keeping to herself during the day. When her crazed benefactor informs her she must save his son (thought to be killed in the war), she complies only because Jesse somehow spoke to him to send that message. Now Lora must work closely with fellow dragon Armand. But there is much at stake — especially their feelings toward one another. (BANTAM, Aug., 320 pp., $16.00, ISBN: 9780345531735, HC, 12 & Up)

Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg