Image of Deeply Odd (Odd Thomas)


Image of Deeply Odd (Odd Thomas)

Koontz’s unique hero Odd Thomas’ life takes another wild turn in the newest installment of this mind-bending series. Ninteen months ago, he was scarred and changed forever, and now he has learned to listen to his psychic instincts. Koontz is a true master of blending the macabre and fantastical and somehow making it feel grounded in reality.

When Odd heads to town to buy jeans and socks, he stumbles across a trucker, dressed as a rhinestone cowboy, planning a murder. After touching the man (while trying to disarm him), Odd flashes on three young children who will be brutally murdered by him. Odd knows he must prevent the crime. With some unusual new traveling companions, including an elderly lady with a custom designed limo and the ghost of Alfred Hitchcock, he confronts an enemy who seems to have magical powers of concealment and misdirection. (BANTAM, Jun., 340 pp., $28.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith