Image of Deepwood: Karavans #2


Image of Deepwood: Karavans #2

Readers who missed the first book in the Karavans series will have a hard time
figuring out what's going on -- at least
at first. However, Roberson's prose is
compelling, the book's premise is well-presented and the pages almost seem
to turn themselves. This installment is a shining example of Roberson's sterling attention to detail. Fans of the first book, Karavans, can expect an all-nighter!

The storm has passed, Alisanos has magically extended its borders for the first time in two generations, and Audrun and Davyn's family is hopelessly scattered. Audrun has given birth to her daughter in the terrifying mystical wood and fears the changes Alisanos will make on the child. Those not swallowed up by Alisanos are just trying to survive. With a little luck, this most recent change in the feared forest will give them the tools they need to drive the Hetari out of Sancorra forever. (Daw, Jul., 336 pp., $25.95)
Reviewed by: 
Rhomylly Forbes