Image of The Defender


Image of The Defender
The Defender (4), by Cara Summers, continues the mystery of the Tall, Dark ... and Dangerously Hot! paranormal miniseries. A secret wedding ends in a murder and kidnapping, and the men of the Angelis family are drawn in. Now it's defense attorney Theo Angelis' turn to find his destiny. Attorney Sadie Oliver has always thought of herself as a dowdy lawyer, but now she wants to be more. She was called to the wedding but arrived only to see her brother pushed over the railing of a staircase in a struggle. Her sister, the secret bride, is missing and, because she left her purse at the scene, the police think Sadie was involved. She goes to Theo for help, and he agrees to defend her brother. A complicated, exciting plot, compelling characters and a great ending make this a strong series conclusion.
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Page Traynor