Image of The Defender (Jackson Hole, Book 6) (Jackson Hole, Wyoming)


Image of The Defender (Jackson Hole, Book 6) (Jackson Hole, Wyoming)

Set in the shadows of the majestic Tetons, McKenna’s suspenseful, intense romance has a definitive western feel while dealing with very contemporary problems. Her hero and heroine are admirably moral and honorable, but the real stars of the novel wear feathers.

Abandoned at birth by a mother she’s always searched for, Katie Bergstrom found her passion in falconry, plus a strong communion with her raptors. Now she needs help running her facility and competent, handsome Joe Gannon fits the bill. Yet, even while falling for him, she feels he’s hiding something. The FBI is convinced Katie’s part of her mother’s cartel, but undercover agent, falconer and ex-Marine Joe’s always-reliable gut tells him she’s not. Now he has to fight not only drug traffickers but his attraction to Katie, too. If they survive the danger, can their relationship survive the the truth? (HQN, Dec., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Haupt