Unforgettable! The setting, the characters, the plot — every element of Tyler's book is completely unlike anything else out there. Sure, you have read about motorcycle clubs, and bad boys with chips on their shoulders, and post-apocalyptic settings — now imagine combining all of these elements and add in one smart-mouthed heroine who knows her mind and you will get the wonder that is Defiance.

Even through she was raised as the 'princess' of a motorcycle club, teen Tru Tennyson is still treated like a second-class member because she is a female. Risking everything, she runs away but her rebellion is short lived when apocalyptic storms rip through the world causing a never ending darkness that blankets the planet. The only place left for her is home — and back to the one person she has never been able to forget, the club's youngest enforcer Caspar.

The illegitimate son of the Club's president, Caspar has had to fight for everything he has and this fight gets more real when Tru returns to announce that she will belong to him. However, Caspar has plans of his own and he is not sure if Tru fits into them. He needs someone to stand by his side while he leads the Club out of darkness, not someone who will run. Is Tru strong enough to take on the challenge? (CARINA PRESS, June, dl., $3.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne