Travis Bodine wonders if God could be so unjust as to bring Hannah Louise Barkley back into his life. After five years working as a lawyer in New York, Hannahs come home to Misery to help her ailing father, Judge Barkley, just when Travis brother Rafe is going to trial for murder.

Through adolescence Hannah Louise and Travis were planning to marry, but when they clashed over their careers, Hannah Louise left. Now Travis needs her expertise to free his brother, and without thinking about her pride she offers him her help.

Travis accepts Hannahs offer because shes smart, sassy, and still the most beautiful woman hes ever known. Together they make a formidable team, but more than that, they can make passion flare anew.

As the trial escalates, so do their families entanglements (including Hannahs mothers sudden return). Hannah and Travis set out to get an acquittal, but they never count on an old and jealous enemys schemes.

As always, Ms. Criswell combines that perfect Americana touch with an intriguing, adventurous story. Readers following the Bodines will be satisfied with this final tale. Those just introduced to the clan will be eager to read more of her wonderful romances. SENSUAL (Aug., 343 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin