Mary Jo Williams has lost enough; first her husband, a Texas Ranger, and now the man she was to marry, another ranger, lies dead. When she discovers she has inherited a ranch in Colorado, Mary Jo takes her son, Jeffry, and goes to start a new, peaceful life.

Vengeance and defiance drive Wade Foster to kill the men who destroyed his family. Now that the last man is dead, Wade lies wounded until Jeffry finds him. The handsome outlaw awakens to feel the touch of an angel.

Though she knows nothing about the drifter, Mary Jo instinctively believes Wade and even protects him when the sheriff arrives with questions about a body found near her ranch. Wade needs to pay Mary Jo back for her help and agrees to be her foreman, never expecting to grow to love both Mary Jo and her son.

The last thing Mary Jo wants is another gun toting man, but Wade steals her practical heart away and even when the past comes to haunt them, their love is strong enough to open the door to a new life.

Few authors can combine the grittiness of the West with emotional and powerful writing like Patricia Potter. DEFIANT is another marvelous, breathtaking tale of love's healing power, redemption and the birth of hope when you believe in the capacity within yourself for goodness. An uplifting read that will linger in your mind and stay in your heart for a long time. SENSUAL (Aug., 400 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin