Relying on classic themes, such as captive/captor and battle of wills, Trapp lures readers into her medieval love story with powerful emotions and sizzling sensuality and with a fresh twist on traditional medieval romance.

Unjustly imprisoned for his brother’s murder, Jared St. John gets a chance to escape and clear his name. He is on his way home when he is drugged, kidnapped and forced to marry Gwyneth of Windrose, who fascinated him years before. Gwyneth must wed or lose her lands and her chance at freedom. She has never forgotten the young monk who gave her his book, but this rugged bear of a man, who claims her as wife, cannot be him — or can it? Though she yearns to continue working to free wrongfully accused women from slavery, she also craves Jared’s touch. Though he would love to inflict revenge on Gwyneth, Jared desires her and sets out on a path of seduction. Working to rebuild her lands brings joy and closeness, but when Jared believes Gwyneth betrays his trust, he thrusts her away. Only by putting aside his pride will he be able to rescue his wife from a fate worse than death. (ZEBRA, Dec., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin