Image of Defiant


Image of Defiant

Kennedy’s Middle Ages is an era of alpha heroes, strong-willed women, excitement and treachery. The fast pace sets this tale apart from many others. Add to this marvelous characters, exciting escapades and plenty of passion, and you have a highly entertaining read!

Jamie Lost has sworn allegiance to King John. When his sovereign requests he kidnap an exiled priest, Jamie obeys his king’s orders. Eva has sworn to protect Father Peter and the secret he holds. She is also hunting down the priest when Jamie catches her stealing. The charming thief escapes and goes after his quarry. Eva knows Jamie is the enemy, yet she cannot resist him. When Father Peter is abducted, Eva and Jamie follow his captors. But civil war is brewing and their lives and their hearts are in danger as old secrets and the love they forge bring them closer to the king’s wrath. (POCKET, May, 390 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin