Dogs are better than men. At least, thats what Lady Celsiana Blake believes, so shes taken herself off the marriage market, devoting herself to helping homeless and abused animals.

Ever since a devastating fire, Lord Andrew de Monteforte has hidden away in his laboratory, indifferent to his brothers matchmaking schemes.

To Andrews brother, The Duke of Blackheath, Celsie is the ideal woman for Andrew and he does his best to see that they are found in a compromising situation.

Celsie has come to see for herself if Andrew is experimenting on helpless animals and when she is led to his bedroom, instead of his laboratory, Andrew knows that they have been set up. When Celsie volunteers to try his latest elixir, a possible aphrodisiac, he knows hes in trouble. For how can he resist the temptress she becomes?

There is only one way to get out of the situation: make the best of a marriage neither planned.

It is a delight to watch as these determined and stubborn characters find their way to happiness: tripping over pets, learning to deal with each others flaws and Andrews sudden illness. They discover that love does not make one weak, but far stronger than either imaginedespecially when faced with a villain who would kill for Andrews formula.

This laugh-out-loud read is a special treat for animal lovers who will fall in love, not only with the humans in the story, but their unforgettable pets as well. Ms. Harmons sensual hero and charming heroine will sweep into your heart, making you very impatient for the fourth book in the de Monteforte quartet. SENSUAL (Jun., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin