The plot lines in this story come together to create a complex romance in an unusual setting, complete with fabulous supporting characters. Readers will be on the edge of their seats wondering what will come of Emma and Luke’s relationship, while also enjoying the endearing bond between Emma and her geeky older brother Eddie. Niles accurately depicts the world of Sci Fi conventions in a way that is accessible to newcomers but does not disparage or poke fun at what occurs at these events.

Emma Portland is hanging on to her journalism career by a thread and cringes at the thought of covering GalaxyCon — the biggest Sci Fi convention of the year — at the "request" of her demanding editor. All of those nerds, their outrageous costumes and their role-playing are anything but appealing to Emma. But that changes when she meets the subject of her story, the gorgeous bestselling science fiction author Luke Evans. When Emma masquerades as a geeky fan in order to get her scoop, she and Luke have a hot tryst. Suddenly Emma must decide which is more important, a future with Luke or the story that could save her career. (CARINA PRESS, Aug. 2011, dl., $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Janine Johnston