Sweet and sexy main characters make Defying the Odds a real page-turner. Melody is a strong woman, able to pull herself out of a bad situation while still remaining kind and loving. Clay is dark and brooding, but still incredibly likable. With a mix of romance, sex appeal, and redemption, the plot has just enough action to keep things interesting, and the secondary characters just beg to have their stories told.

Waitress Melody Dylan is hiding out from her abusive ex-husband. On Thanksgiving, she buys a handsome stranger a piece of pie, even though she can barely afford to feed herself. Clay Powers, a famous UFC heavyweight fighter, is instantly taken with the sweet gesture — and with the woman herself. Can a woman with a past like Melody’s have a future with a man who makes a living using his fists? (LOOSE-ID.COM, dl $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak